Our Swim Programme 

WAVE  - This is our baby and toddler 10 week term programme (0 - 3 years) Your baby and toddler will learn the following:

  • First safety skills

  • Learn how to safely enter and exit the water

  • Learn how to move assisted in the water

  • Develop their hand eye coordination/ practice their fine motor skills

  • Learn about jumping, splashing, turning and floating

  • Learn how to blow bubbles, kick and swim on their back

  • Use equipment to start to encourage independent swimming 

  • Learn how to swim underwater

  • Move independently on their woggles 5-10m (usually a lot further !) 

  • Make friends, learn and have a splashing time !

Badges Wave 1-12

SURF- This is our toddler and young children 10 week term program (3 - 5 years)

Your children will learn the following: 

  • Move away from parent/carer assistance

  • Develop skills for self movement using basic aids if needed

  • Work on floatation skills

  • Start to learn front crawl, back stroke and breaststroke

  • For those who are ready to practice underwater and surface dive skills

  • Work on aquatic breathing

  • Develop rotation skills and direction change

  • Work on body position and kicking

  • Safety and basic rescue skills

  • Distance work 5 - 10m+ unaided

 Badges Surf 1 - 8 

TIDAL - This is our young children program onwards (5+ years)

This programme is split into beginners, intermediate and advanced

Your children will develop and progress in the following:

  • Unaided swimming

  • Floatation skills various floats 

  • Progress more in depth with front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke

  • Develop underwater skills, dives and introduce turns

  • Progress aquatic breathing 

  • Streamline body position, kicking and recovery

  • Safety and rescue skills

  • distance 10m - 25m unaided


Tidal badges 

Throughout all of our programs we focus on safety skills and water awareness as it is essential children of all ages have the basic knowledge of how to be safe in and around water.

Each term children will receive their relevant badge for our in house program and any certificates achieved during the term.

When children achieve their Swim England badges its optional if parents/carers would like to purchase the badges.

Full support for your child's swimming journey is given both in and out of the water to ensure each child is given the right opportunity to reach their full potential whilst having a splashing time!